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    Ghostline is an easy-to-use VR analytics tool for teams
    to design better & more effective VR content

Ghostline is an easy-to-use tool that generates interactive recordings of users within VR worlds, providing you with the ability to visualize the experience and gather metrics on user engagement. Browse Ghostline sessions using conventional screens, or step into them in virtual reality to evaluate content alongside your users.

Visualize your users
Step into interactive user recordings in VR or browse sessions on a conventional screen.
Monitor key events
Customizable tagging allows you understand what your users see and how they interact.
Measure Behavior
Body language provides insights into the physical state and emotions of your user.
Understand your audience
Measure the user experience and whether your content designs truly have their intended effect.

Ghostline was used to develop Waltz of the Wizard

“Aldin has spent years of iterating and working on virtual worlds and the tools needed to create and perfect them, and these two programs are some of the most impressive uses of VR I've seen yet, both as a player and someone who pays attention to the development challenges of the medium.”

Polygon - Ghostline feature

How Ghostline is Used in VR Development
Intuitive interations

Make interactions intuitive

Unintuitive designs require extensive tutorials and detract from the overall user experience.

Ghostline helps identify which game mechanics are unintuitive or confusing to users. User body language points straight to problematic areas and helps verify improvements as development progresses.

Intuitive interations

Know where to add detail

There is a lot of guesswork involved in what users find interesting and how they interact.

Use Ghostline to discover exactly where detail is needed and which elements people expect to be interactive. The experience becomes more living and polished, feeling more convincing to users as a result.

Intuitive interations

Save time on observation

Teams spend massive amounts of time observing users to see how well designs work.

Ghostline eliminates the need to observe every minute of testing. The team can check recordings reliably and quickly at any time, jumping straight to the events they need to observe.

Intuitive interations

Tailor the user experience

With the freedom that VR affords, identifying trends in user behavior can be challenging.

Ghostline helps find common trends in user behavior, allowing enhancement of flow and polish of VR experiences.

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